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Five data-backed text marketing facts

Great facts that show the true power of text messaging.

You may be new to text marketing or just exploring its efficacy and wondering how powerful can it actually be. Well, we're here to show you. We've compiled five amazing facts that might convince you texting is the way to go. Plus as a bonus, you can download our infographic below.

1️⃣  98% Read Rate

Text messages are read at a staggering rate compared to other channels like email, with a 21% read rate. Think about it, you text someone, and your message shows up on their phone right away, with a summary of what you said, along with a red badge letting them know they have a message. That alone is more powerful than most marketing channels. 

2️⃣  90 Seconds

Text messages have an average response time of 90 seconds compared to email at 90 minutes.

3️⃣  45% Response Rate

Based on an internal Mozeo study over a sample of 100,000 text messages sent across several industries, we found that, on average, 45% of people respond to a text message. This is extremely important when you're trying to interact with your audience. 

4️⃣  28% Click Rate

Based on the same study, we found that, on average, 28% of an audience who receives a text message clicks on a link in the message. Compared to email at 2.6%.

5️⃣  72% Sign Up Rate

Based on a second internal study, we focused on 100 small business clients across several industries. We found that out of 100 people, 72 are highly likely to sign up for coupons, deals, and perks via text message.

Bonus Infographic! 🎉

Download our power of text messaging infographic for all of these stats and more.