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Supercharge your website with the Mozeo Messenger.

Posted 10/04/2022

In this blog post, we'll discuss one of our latest product launches, the Mozeo Messenger. An incredibly powerful tool you can place on your website to start collecting contacts and communicating with them.

Floating Contact Us Page

Communicating with customers is key to continued success. Whether providing sales help, support, or just sending out messages about new happenings, you must be ready to talk. Our Messenger can act as a floating contact us page, prepared to take inquiries all the time. Even if you're away from your site, leads can submit info you can get to the next day.

Multiple channels

The Mozeo inbox can show text messages and live chats simultaneously. If you install our Messenger on your website and have our live chat services, you can do both texting and live chat from one place. Read more on multichannel messaging and see how it can affect your current communications strategy. 

Full Control

With a simple install on your website, you'll have the power to control colors, shadows, edges, titles, and more making us right at home with your brand. Depending on your availability, you can turn messenger cards on and off.

Grow Your Contacts

Similar to our old website widget, the Mozeo messenger builds your contacts list in the background when people interact with you. Also, we'll be adding some even better sign-up options soon. 

Learn More

➡️ Watch our latest webinar about the Messenger and dive into all the amazing things it can do.