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Mozeo Messenger

Plug our messenger into your website and watch leads start rolling in. You'll be able to turn channels on and off, set business hours, do live chat, and more.

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Business Communications
Mozeo Messenger


Some people love email, others prefer texting, and some want answers right away. Why not give them the option to choose? Our messenger does just that right from your website.

Popular Features

Live Chat

Email Forwarding

Text Messaging


Match Your Brand

Match Your Brand

You'll have the power to control colors, shadows, edges, titles, and more making us right at home with your brand.

Popular Features

Color Matching

Shadow Controls

Rounded Edge Control

Subtitle Editing

Match Your Brand

Additional Features

Our messenger comes loaded with features to fit right in on your website.

Simple Install

Drop our messenger script into your website, and you'll be up and running in no time.

Attention Grabber

Bring attention to your messenger and drive more visitors to start talking with you.

Toggle Channels

You have the power to turn channels on and off, all with a simple click.

Hide Messenger

Want to hide the messenger from your site for a few days? With one click, you can.


You'll have complete control to manage the subtitles for any card in your messenger.


Take the messenger further with configurations like embedding, pop-up on load, and more.