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A guide to understanding what autoresponders are and how to use them best.

It's automatic

An autoresponder is just an automatic message sent back to someone. We offer two types of autoresponders, inbox and keywords.

What's a keyword?

Below are some great examples of how you can use your keywords.

Grow your contacts
When someone texts in a keyword to your number, their phone number is automatically added to your contacts, and they get a custom auto-response message set by you.

Automatically group contacts
You can use our keyword grouping feature to sort your contacts by different keywords. For example, you might have an employee group, sales group, and customer group. Let them all text in to join their respective group, and we’ll keep it all sorted for you. From there, you can send messages just to one particular group, giving you more precise control of your messaging.

Be interactive
You can use keywords to collect feedback, allow people to sign up for your messages, or even collect votes through a poll.

Evaluate your spend
Keywords can be used to evaluate how effective your marketing is at reaching your audience. For example, say you launch a marketing campaign and advertise on television, radio, newspaper, and your website. By integrating mobile keywords in your plan, you can have people text a keyword to receive more information, with a slightly different keyword on each medium (such as INFO1, INFO2, INFO3, and INFO4). Then, you can track how many hits you receive on each keyword. If you notice that your television keyword is receiving a large volume of hits and your newspaper keyword barely receives any, you may want to reallocate your marketing dollars.

Inbox autoresponders

The inbox autoresponder sends back an automated message when someone sends you a regular text message instead of texting a keyword. Think of it like an away message. For example, it might be the weekend, and you can let them know you'll get to their question on Monday.