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Shortcode Options


One-time fee
Description Example Setup Time Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Non-Vanity Dedicated Shortcode 25698 8 - 12 weeks $4,500 $1,300
Vanity Dedicated Shortcode 33133 8 - 12 weeks $5,500 $1,800
Lower message pricing and unlimited keywords available with shortcodes. Please contact us for more info.

Text Messages

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All Message Packs


Message Pack
5¢ per message

Message Packs Per Message Total
100 $5
250 $12.50
500 $25
1,000 $50
2,500 4.6¢ $115
5,000 $200
10,000 3.8¢ $380
25,000 3.6¢ $900
50,000 3.4¢ $1,700
75,000 $2,250
100,000 2.8¢ $2,800
Need to send higher volume? Please contact us for more info.

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Keyword Add-ons

Product Payment Cost
One Mobile Keyword One-Time Fee $24.99
Three Mobile Keywords One-Time Fee $69.99
Five Mobile Keywords One-Time Fee $110.99

Frequently Asked Questions

That's right, there are no other fees. No monthly fees. Nothing. Simply buy a phone number and a text message pack and you're on your way. Text messages never expire, you just use them until they're gone. When you need more, you buy more. Buy a larger amount, get a better price.

No! It's all pay-as-you-go. No monthly fees. Buy text messages as you need them.

You'll get a temporary phone number, 10 free message credits and a trial keyword. Your trial will continue as long as you still have credits left so kick the tires and get to know us.

You do. You have to do it the right way and get people to opt-in. We don't sell or supply lists of phone numbers, ever.

You are charged for both incoming and outgoing text messages. Standard text messages (SMS) cost 1 credit, enhanced text messages (MMS) cost 2 credits. Read more here.

You can pay online by credit card. If you'll be spending $1,000+ per month, we can talk about invoicing with you. Contact us for details.

If you'll be spending more than $1,000 per month, please contact us and we'll get someone assigned to your account.