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Sync your calendar and let people book appointments in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to all the booking headaches.

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Let customers book appointments right from your website using our Mozeo Messenger, or share your booking link via email or text message.

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Match your brand

Multiple Events

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Calendar Sync

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Reduce your booking headaches, and give your customers an easy way forward.

Set Days & Hours

You have complete control to set the days and hours when people can book with you.

Calendar Sync

Sync your Google calendar and control your availability based on your calendars - like your work and personal calendar.

Set Duration

Create an event and set the event duration so your customer knows how long they can expect the booking to last.

Multiple Events

Create multiple event types so customers can book different options with you. One might just be a phone call, and the other a demo.

Same-Day Bookings

You'll have the option to allow or disallow same-day bookings to ensure smooth scheduling that works for you and your organization.

Text & Email Notifications

Set as many pre and post notifications via text or email. Notify customers 2 hours before an event, or follow up 24 hours after to see how it went.

Custom Booking Links

Every event you create comes with a custom booking link. You can share this link via email or through a texting conversation.

Booking Management

You'll have total management of your bookings, and your customers will also have the power to edit or cancel a booking as needed.