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Engage in real-time conversations with your website visitors. Close sales, offer support, and build relationships.

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Match Your Brand

Match Your Brand

Using our Mozeo Messenger, you'll have the power to control colors, shadows, and more making us right at home with your brand.

Popular Features

Color Matching

Shadow Controls

Rounded Edge Control

Subtitle Editing

Additional Features

Give your team a real-time advantage and answer questions as they come in.

Business Hours

Set when your team is available to chat, and we'll show or hide the chat option from your messenger.

Team Inbox

Work together as a team to answer questions as they come in.

Typing Indicator

You and your customers will be able to see who is typing at any time during the conversation.

Collect Data

Before a live chat happens, visitors will fill out a quick form, and we'll save them as a contact.

End Chat

A visitor can end a chat at any time, so you're not wasting time chatting with someone who left.


Take the messenger further with configurations like embedding, pop-up on load, and more.