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Six Contact Building Ideas

The best ways to increase your contacts list size.

Posted 04/05/2021

Research shows that engaged customers are more likely to recommend your products, boosting sales potential by 12%. So, it's critical to get your customers engaged and build a rapport that lasts all year long (and beyond). But first, you'll need an opt-in list to do it.

Here are SIX effective ways to get it done:

1 - Offer a Promotion

People love to save, especially on the items they love. You can use text marketing to drive engagement and offer promotions that get your audience engaged with your product, such as a discount on a service you offer.

2 - Host a Contest

Contests and giveaways offer a great way to engage your target audience. Consider using SMS texting to promote a contest you're running as a way to have your audience opt into receiving your messages. Just make sure you clarify this in the language of the offer and provide transparency.

3 - Promote Forwarding

Have your current audience forward a text message to friends and family. In the message, you'll want to make sure to tell them how to text in to join and get the offer, too.

4 - Mozeo Messenger

Plug the Mozeo Messenger into your site and start collecting leads right away. Anyone who texts, chats, or emails you will automatically add to your list of contacts.

5 - Create Urgency

When you create a sense of urgency, you can drive your customers to take action quicker. Consider adding an expiration date or deadline for redeeming promotional codes you use in your SMS text messages to motivate your audience to make a move and get engaged now.

6 - Use Power Words

When trying to build your list of contacts, you want to make sure your prospective contact also feels special. Using power words like EXCLUSIVE, VIP, PREMIER, or PLATINUM sets the tone of your program and helps boost your signups.

For example, you can say: Text KEYWORD to join our Exclusive Mobile Club today and be the first to hear about great specials and promotions.