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With text messaging, you're putting your message directly in the hands of your customers. Now that's powerful.

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Social media and email are great, but customers aren't reading those messages like before. Get them to listen, and drive massive results with text message marketing.

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Our service is simple to use. You'll find all the tools you need in a beautiful online dashboard ready for you to take on the world.


Automatically grow your list of subscribers with keywords. When a keyword is texted, the number is added to your contacts, and they get back an auto-response.

Mozeo Example
Mozeo Example

Say it with photos

Grab the attention of your audience and bring your messages to life with pictures. Include your favorite graphic, company logo and more.

Answer Questions

With our texting conversations, you can answer questions from your customers in real-time helping you to close more deals.

Mozeo Example

Even more features.

Contacts Management
Within your Mozeo account, there is an area where you can store all of your contacts. Plus, we manage opt-outs and invalid phone numbers for you automatically.
Group Text Messaging
Easily reach all of your contacts or a specific group at once. Create and edit your message, include images, emojis and more and click to send to everyone at once.
Text Messaging API
With Mozeo’s SMS API, you can easily plug Mozeo into your existing application and start sending text messages right away. Unique solutions are available upon request.
Robust Reporting
We share a clear view of your account so you can always see what you're spending. We have a roll-up report and inline reports throughout the platform.
Great Support
You'll have full access to reach our support team with questions you might have. They can even guide you in the right direction for your texting needs.
Always-on Access
You'll have constant access to your Mozeo account so you can sign in anytime day or night. Plus, we don't share or sell your data in any way. We keep it safe and secure at all times.

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