Why Mozeo

Mozeo has been helping organizations of all types since 2007. With an award-winning dashboard and proven platform, we can help you turbocharge your marketing and communications. Serving over 40,000+ clients, Mozeo provides for household names such as Lego and Dewalt, as well as small businesses - like the burrito shop around the corner. Proudly based in New York, offices are located in the beautiful city of Syracuse.

The Top Five

Here are the top five reasons why Mozeo is the right choice in a texting partner:

1. Market Leader

We've been in business for over 9 years. In that time, we've built a tremendous reputation and customer base. With Mozeo, you don't have to worry if you're working with some fly-by-night startup. We're solid and we have the experience.

2. Award Winning Support

What good is a clean, easy-to-use product, if you don't support it. Our team is here to help and make sure you're fully supported. So much so, we've held a 99% satisfaction rating three years running.

3. Proven Platform

Our dashboard has been vetted and used by a massive amount of customers. Over the years, we've listened to their feedback and have made our offering better. We know things work and they work right.

4. No-Nonsense Pricing

We don't hide anything when it comes to pricing. We're straight with you right from the beginning. No hidden fees, carrier fees, or monthly fees. Refreshingly simple, just the way we like it.

5. Ease Of Use

Everyday we strive to make your experience with Mozeo simple and easy. From signing up in just a few clicks, to sending your first message, it's just easy.