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Texting Conversations

A guide to better conversations through text messaging.

Today’s consumers are using texting more than any other app on their phones. Why not harness that usage into better customer conversations? With texting, your organization will have the ability to take conversations “offline” into the pockets of your customers — no matter where they are.

Similar to live chat, texting can be a real-time conversation between your team and customers. Use it to support sales, as a feedback mechanism, or even a way for people to put in an insurance claim.

Timing is everything

You always want to put your best foot forward when it comes to any channel, and texting is no different. Unlike email, people expect a text message response much faster. Why do you ask? It’s what they’re used to — otherwise, they may think you’re ghosting them, and you don’t want that.

A reasonable response threshold is 5 minutes or less. A great threshold is 2 minutes or less. Therefore, plan your staffing around this channel and give your customers your utmost attention.

Set expectations

If you plan to answer people only during regular business hours, be upfront about that, and set expectations. Don’t leave people in limbo when you’re not around. Be sure to set an autoresponder for after-hours, letting people know you’ll text them back at your earliest convenience.

Quick replies

Utilize quick replies to help you respond faster over multiple conversations. These are simple snippets of commonly used responses like — “Thank you!” or “You’re welcome.” You can even add your own custom quick replies to set responses specific to your business.

Talk human

We say this constantly — talk human with your customers. Don’t make the conversation feel too robotic or canned. There is a place for bots and a place for humans. The best conversations are the ones where a customer feels like they’re texting a friend while simultaneously getting all of their questions answered. Also, don’t forget to use an Emoji now and again — everyone loves it when you 😃!