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Email Reinvented

Create and send an email newsletter, from any device, in under a minute.

Build Your Contacts

You'll have the ability to upload a list of contacts or add a single contact when you need to. Once added, you can search, manage, or delete contacts in a snap.

Mozeo Dashboard: My Contacts > View Contacts

Easy Email Editor

We've made setting up a new email message super easy. Pick a template, add your media and content, and you're ready to send.

Mozeo Dashboard: Email Messaging > Send Email Messages > Edit

Multiple Campaigns

Using Mozeo, you can create as many email campaigns as you'd like, all with separate reporting.

Mozeo Dashboard: Email Messaging > Send Email Messages

Website Widget

Using our website widget, your audience can sign up to receive your email messages right from your website or social media page.

Mozeo Dashboard: My Contacts > Website Widget

One Click Sending

With the click of a button, you can send email messages to your entire list of contacts or to a specific group. You'll also be able to schedule it to send later and even preview the message before it sends.

Mozeo Dashboard: Email Messaging > Send Email Messages > Edit

Powerful Reports

We won't leave you in the dark. Stay up-to-date on what's happening in your account at all times. You'll get information in real-time allowing you to gauge how well things are going.

Mozeo Dashboard: My Reports > Email Messaging

Entire Feature List

List Cleaner

We automatically scrub out bad emails and store away opt outs.

Your Address

You'll be able to send your email newsletter from a name and address that you choose.

No Limits

Send as much, or as little email as you'd like. We can handle any size traffic that you might have.

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