Tying in a contest promotion is a great way to increase the power of your mobile marketing strategy. A text-to-win contest can generate a positive buzz for your company while building your database of mobile contacts. For a text-to-win contest, respondents have the opportunity to text in to a number within a specified amount of time for the chance to win some sort of prize. Once the contest is over, a mobile number is selected at random as the winner, and this person is contacted via call or text to claim their prize.

This is an attractive and truly interactive promotion concept that allows people to participate on a medium that is convenient for them. Text-to-win contests are very effective at large-scale events like sports games or concerts where the contest can be easily broadcasted to many people at once.

Looking beyond the contest itself, a company can then utilize their newly-acquired mobile contacts to their advantage. In the weeks following the promotion, the company can send out text messages with information about future promotions and upcoming events. Using text messaging as the sole vehicle of communication, you can reach your customers easily and conveniently.

Mozeo offers services to make a text-to-win promotion strategy a reality. Once your respondents start texting in, Mozeo immediately stores their mobile numbers in an easy-to-use online dashboard. From there, you can send text messages to your contacts to drive future attendance at your events, increase sales, and build a general awareness amongst the public.

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