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Ready to hit send?

Review this checklist before you send your next text message campaign.

Posted 12/14/2021

Putting your best foot forward is key to setting you up for success in your text messaging endeavors. You want to make sure your messages are connecting with your audience and that you're coming across as a trusted sender. Below are some things you should check before hitting send.

✅  Are your contacts opted in?

Before you send any messages, you want to make sure the audience you're sending to has agreed and opted in to receive text messages from you. If you're unsure of what that means, stop and read this article.

✅  Text Human

Text Human. People react best to messaging that is natural and light-hearted. Don't overuse emojis or capped letters.

✅  Include your organization name

One of the best practices is to include your business or organization name in the first part of your message. This is what your audience will see first, giving them a feeling of comfort and setting you up as a trusted sender.

✅  Spelling Errors

This one is easy. Make sure your message is clear, and there are no spelling errors. We even suggest using a service like Grammarly to double-check your content before sending.

✅  Trimmed Message

Before sending your text message, check that nothing is trimmed off the end of your message - this can happen when using a copy and paste method. It's always best to do a preview before sending.

✅  Broken Links

If you're going to use a link or even shorten a link in your message, be sure to always test the link first. Please copy and paste the link in your browser and ensure it lands on the correct page.

✅  The correct audience

Double-check that you're sending your message to the correct audience when you're getting ready to send. You may want to send it to just your employee group and not your customers. Or you may want to send it to a specific store and not all stores. Always double-check.

✅  Opt-out language

Remember to always give your audience a way out. It's up to you to keep them interested and engaged. It's up to them if they still want to hear from you. Provide opt-out language in your message, letting them know they can be removed by replying STOP.

Bonus Infographic! 🎉

Download our infographic cheat sheet of the DO'S and DON'TS when sending text messages.