Real Estate Text Messaging

Text messaging is becoming a powerful tool in the real estate industry. It's giving agents the ability to instantly provide potential buyers with the information necessary to make a decision and helps close the sales loop faster.

For example, consider someone looking to buy a new home. As they are driving through a neighboring town, an attractive house for sale catches their eye. Unfortunately, there is no information available at the house, except for a “for sale” sign on the front lawn. The potential buyer drives away and puts the house out of mind, or has to work harder to try and find more information about the home.

By involving a text messaging in the process, the customer can quickly receive the information he or she was lacking. Real estate agents can use a keyword on the “for sale” sign specific to the house. (i.e. Text HOUSE to XXXXX) Once the potential customer texts the keyword in, they immediately receive an automated text message with essential details on the house, and other pertinent information, such as the contact information for the agent.

Additionally, when the potential buyer texts in, the agent receives an alert allowing for a follow-up call to answer any questions or to set up a showing. With this technology, the customer and agent establish a mutually beneficial relationship early on. The agent benefits because he or she can reach potential buyers instantaneously, and the buyer benefits because he or she has access to instant information to help in their search process.

Texting is finding its niche as a powerful marketing tool in all industries, and real estate is no exception. By actively using it, real estate agents can achieve incredible results.

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