5 Text Marketing Ideas that Actually Work

5 Text Marketing Ideas that Actually Work

When searching online for ways to grow your business, you undoubtedly run across countless companies that promise "marketing on all platforms." In many cases, these marketers are sufficient for social media and blogging purposes, but few have the expertise necessary for effective text marketing. Fortunately, there are a variety of proven text marketing strategies that actually work, and if a company provides these offerings, your promotional ability can easily jump to the next level.

1. Text-to-Win Contests

One of the hardest aspects of text marketing is getting someone's phone number. After all, there aren't many industries whose mere existence drives people to give out their personal information. Fortunately, offering freebies is typically enough for people to bypass their lingering suspicions.

Most companies will hold a contest to attract new customers at some point. If you use a text-to-win strategy, you'll simultaneously get consumers' attention along with their phone numbers. An opt-out option is essential when using this tactic, but most people won't use it if you're creating value for them.

2. Offer Transactional Text Messages

Text-to-win contests are great for appealing to new clientele, but what's the best way to establish a text marketing relationship with current customers? Many experts say that transactional text messages are the golden ticket. By simply offering clients the ability to have their receipt texted to them, you'll immediately have their phone number.

Just take a moment to think about it. Most of us have alerts set up to receive digital receipts for everything from burritos to gasoline. When someone opts into your text messages in this manner, you can begin using other text marketing ideas to keep them coming back.

3. Flash Discounts

Companies have clients that return frequently. Conversely, there are many consumers who patronize a business "once in a blue moon" when they happen to be nearby or need a random item. Sending flash discounts via text can turn those infrequent customers into regulars who become common staples at a company.

These digital coupons should be unexpected and short-lived. This will get your company on someone's mind and convince them to visit soon. You'll also want to make sure these flash discounts are available only via text. This will increase the likelihood of new signups.

4. Provide Actual Value

When a company is trying to improve their content marketing game, they begin putting out blogs that provide value to their customers. A used car company, for instance, would likely put out content on how to identify common auto problems. Pool cleaners could provide tips on keeping leaves out of the water. Luckily, text marketing can achieve the same goal.

Of course, you can't really send a whole blog via SMS. You'll also want to avoid simply sending out a link to a longer page. Instead, provide short and quick tips that relate to your industry. It will show clients that you are an expert in your field and actually care about their satisfaction.

5. Use Tools that Provide Data

Collecting data might not sound like a text marketing tip, but it's integral to any successful strategy. If you're looking at companies who provide text marketing, you want to find one that collects data and compiles it in an easily understood report. Real-time reporting will let you know how your campaigns are doing.

The real benefit here is that you can identify the most effective strategies. Consumer behavior can vary by location, industry and a variety of other factors. What works for one company may not work for another. If you're able to track your own data, though, you can easily identify what's working and which tactics can be improved upon.

Multichannel Must Have Text Marketing

Multichannel marketing is a necessity for any business owner that hopes to be successful. This means that common promotional tactics like paid advertisements and video marketing simply aren't enough. Studies have consistently proven that text marketing is effective, but only if it's done in the right way. Make sure you take the time to work with a partner organization that can bring experience in this area to your company.

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