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Trust Hub & New Subscription Plans

Register your number today and pick one of our great new plans.

Posted 09/08/2021

Account Migration Tools ➡️ 

If you're an existing Mozeo customer, you'll find we've added a simple way to migrate your account over to the new requirements. For most accounts, this change has only two parts. You will register your number and pick a new subscription plan.

To get started, look for a blue alert at the top of your dashboard page with a button that says "Let's Go!". You'll start there and follow the simple prompts. You'll have at least 30 days to complete this transition before it becomes required. We recommend getting it done as soon as possible.

Register Your Number
Registering your number will be a simple form that you'll fill out and submit. This will be required as part of the new carrier regulations.

Pick a New Plan
Picking a new plan will require you to choose one of our great new plans, re-add your credit card info, and submit payment so your subscription can begin. Any credits you have left will come over with you as additional credits.

If your account still uses 24587 or 31279 to send text messages, you'll also need to pick a new number. 

Trust Hub 🔐

Mozeo has always been a big supporter of building a texting ecosystem that is powerful, viable, and, most of all, spam-free. Spam is not only annoying and intrusive, but it also hinders progress for everyone else trying to send real, pertinent messaging. The actions of a single sender can impact the positive work being done by others and be a nuisance to the ecosystem as a whole. So, we're happy to announce our new Trust Hub. A simple number registration form with a huge impact. By registering your number, you're taking the necessary steps to be a more transparent and trustworthy sender while helping the sending network as a whole.

New Pricing Plans 🎉

We're so thrilled to announce our new and improved pricing plans for ALL accounts! These are feature-loaded plans that include a number, full access to all of our management tools, autoresponders, and more. Plus, all incoming messages are now free, giving you full control of your budget. If you're just starting or a seasoned sender, we have a plan for you. Check them out today!