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Q3 Product Updates

All of the Q3 major product updates.

Posted 08/05/2021

Communicate. Better.

Today, we are announcing the next generation of Mozeo. Plain and simple, we want to help you communicate better.

We love text messaging more than anyone, but your audience is on different channels.  From email and text messaging to live chat and voice - we believe you should have the power to communicate over any one of them.

Please take a few minutes and browse around our updated homepage. If you want to learn more about taking your communications to the next level, let's talk.

Inbox Updates

We're happy to announce several key updates to our inbox feature.

  • The inbox is now in real-time. If someone messages you or responds to you, you'll immediately see the message. No more refresh required!
  • We fixed a pesky bug with our quick replies. You can now easily add or remove a quick reply. 
  • You can now send an image all by itself, without any content. In the past, a message was required to be sent with the image, not anymore.
  • We updated the inbox ding sound from the loud ding to a fun, subtle one. Turn it on today and check it out! 


We've made the Mozeo Messenger available for everyone! Now, all accounts can take advantage of the messenger to collect leads right from their website. We also pushed out some great new updates found below.

  • The attention grabber now only fires once per visitor session. Before this, it would fire every time someone visited a page on your site. 
  • Email forwarding has been updated, and will now forward an email to any address you set in your Messenger settings. 
  • You can now hide the messenger with one simple click. This will hide it from your site entirely if there is ever a time you don't want to show it.
  • We made some updates to the Messenger customizations. You can now fully embed, open a specific card, or have it even open the messenger when a page loads. 

Live Chat

Live chat is officially out of general release beta and is available for all accounts to use! You'll need the Mozeo Messenger installed on your site and an active live chat subscription for this to work.

Updated Reports

We've added a new Reporting Hub to help you quickly find the report most important to you. We also updated the text messaging roll-up report in a big way. This new report gives you a clear and concise look at how you're using credits and where they're being used most. Also, as we roll out our new subscription plans to everyone, incoming messages will now be FREE!

New Pricing Plans 🎉

We're so thrilled to announce our new and improved pricing plans. These are feature-loaded plans that include a number, full access to all of our management tools, autoresponders, and more. Plus, all incoming messages are now free, giving you full control of your budget. If you're just starting out or a seasoned sender, we have a plan for you. Check them out today!