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Q1 Product Updates

All of the Q1 major product updates.

Posted 02/12/2021

Better Alerts

Our email and SMS alerts now contain a name to help you better find the conversation in your inbox. We’ve also changed the subject line to be more consistent for each alert type.

Inbox Updates

Longer Incoming Messages
The inbox can now handle receiving messages up to 800 characters in length.

Mark Unread Fixed
You can now mark a conversation unread when you’re on the actual conversation. There was a bug causing it to disappear.

Manage Dings
You can now manage the inbox ding to be on or off with two simple clicks.

We updated the landing page editor to allow for adjusting font sizes.

Live Chat Updates

It's here! 
We’ve officially launched Live Chat beta! Connect with website visitors to solve support problems or to sell your products. Contact our team if you’re interested in getting started.

Multiple Live Chat Conversations
We resolved a pesky bug when having multiple live chats.

Missing Conversations
We noticed live chat conversations would go missing if Live Chat were turned off on a website. We fixed it.