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Q1 2022 Product Updates

All of the Q1 product updates

Posted 03/08/2022

Read about all the changes that have been happening from our inbox to our appointments product.

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Trust Hub & New Subscription Plans

Register your number today and pick one of our great new plans.

Posted 09/08/2021

Read more about migrating your account, our new trust hub, and our new subscription plans.

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Q3 Product Updates

All of the Q3 product updates

Posted 08/05/2021

Today, we are announcing the next generation of Mozeo. Plain and simple, we want to help you communicate better.

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Q1 Product Updates

All of the Q1 product updates.

Posted 02/12/2021

Our email and SMS alerts now contain a name to help you better find the conversation in your inbox. We’ve also changed the subject line to be more consistent for each alert type.

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