Power User

There are a lot of ways to use Mozeo that you might not have realized. Below are some great ideas and ways to be a Mozeo power user.

Tracking ROI
When you send your messages, consider including a tracking code (ex. XYTJ), or at a minimum make sure to tell customers to show their phone to get your deal. Then, keep a small piece of paper by your register or POS and have your employees count how many customers show you their phone or code with a quick note including the order amount. It's a simple, but effective way to track how many people you brought back and how much revenue it generated.

Data Collection
Collecting data from your audience may seem like a daunting task, but these tips might help in your efforts. Let's say you want people to give you feedback about your business or even provide you with contact info. They can text your KEYWORD and THEIR FEEDBACK to your number. That data will then show up in your inbox. People can also reply to a message with your KEYWORD and THEIR FEEDBACK or THEIR EMAIL or THEIR NAME.

Data Merge
Do you send alerts to your customers that require specific data? The optional fields are a great way of doing this. Go to MY CONTACTS > VIEW CONTACTS and edit your contacts to include data in the optional1 and optional2 fields. You can also add this data to our upload template to run a mass update. When creating your text message, be sure to include the tags (OPTIONAL1) and (OPTIONAL2). Here's an example: Hi, (FIRSTNAME)! Log in today. Your username is: (OPTIONAL1). Your last login was: (OPTIONAL2).

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