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Tips to keep growing your text marketing list when things get too busy.

Posted 06/21/2021

We find ourselves with less and less time these days. It might be we’re too busy running a business or just regular life is happening all around us. Don’t let your text message marketing efforts go dry. Check out these great tips for setting Mozeo on auto-pilot.

Schedule ahead

Planning your content can save you a lot of headaches later. With Mozeo, you have an option to set a one-time or recurring schedule on your text messages. After you schedule your messages, we’ll show you what’s scheduled in your dashboard. So go ahead and schedule things out as far as you need to. This will give your customers time to act on your marketing and messaging. For example, if you’re running a weekend sale, start messaging on Wednesday before. Everyone is busy, and you want to make sure you get their attention so they can pre-plan, too.

Automatically grow contacts

Make sure you’re constantly collecting new contacts, even when you’re gone. You can use keyword autoresponders in your store and other marketing mediums so people can text in to join your list. Use our new Mozeo Messenger to constantly collect leads from your website, even when you're gone. You can let people text you, email you, or even set an appointment to meet with you all without lifting a finger.

Let them know you'll answer

When someone sends you a question via text, or maybe even a concern, you can use the inbox autoresponder to set the expectation when they should hear back from you. This lets them know you've received their text and it's important to you.

Text on the go

Whenever you have time to check-in, remember, our dashboard and service are entirely mobile-friendly. Visit from your smartphone browser to get started.