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7 Effective Ways to Jump-Start Your Text Marketing

Use these great tips to get the most out of your texting endeavors.

Posted 05/23/2022

Research shows that engaged customers are more likely to recommend your products, boosting sales potential by 12%. So, it's critical to get your customers engaged and build a rapport that lasts all year long (and beyond). Here are seven effective ways to get it done with text message marketing.

Deliver Concise (But Valuable) Messages

Today’s consumers have short attention spans, so it’s critical to capture their attention if you want to spark engagement. You can use text marketing to deliver messages that drive value for your target audience. One way to achieve this is by sending shorter messages that explain why your customers should read a blog post or visit your website. For instance, if your target audience needs help with staying motivated with their New Year’s resolutions, send short messages with key tips and tricks on achieving these goals.

Let Them Know What to Do Next

Having a clear call-to-action (CTA) can help your audience understand what action they should take. A great way to create a clear CTA is to use an active voice. For example, instead of suggesting what your audience can do by saying, “you can click on this link…,” tell them directly what to do, such as “click here to learn more.”

Create Urgency

When you create a sense of urgency, you can drive your customers to take action quicker. Consider adding an expiration date or deadline for redeeming promotional codes you use in your text messages to motivate your audience to make a move and get engaged.

Host A Contest

Contests and giveaways offer a great way to engage your target audience. Consider using text messaging to promote a contest you’re running as a way to have your audience opt into receiving your messages. Just make sure you clarify this in the language of the offer and provide transparency.

Offer a Promotion

People love to save, especially on the items they love. You can use text marketing to drive engagement and offer promotions that get your audience engaged with your product, such as a discount on a service you offer.

Personalize Messages

Conversational messaging is the next big thing in text marketing, thanks to its ability to drive engagement with your target audience. A great way to keep the conversation flowing is to make your messages personal. Include the customer’s name in your text marketing messages to foster a relationship that means more than a canned text message.

Get them talking

Send a message that gets your audience talking about a hot topic or asking you questions. When you can engage with your audience, you're bound to show them how much you care leading to additional sales. 

Final thoughts

Driving engagement is key to driving potential sales. But without a clear strategy and the right technology, it can be challenging to put into action. You take care of these concerns by applying these best practices and considering using an innovative platform to enhance your text marketing campaign, such as Mozeo.