Enhanced Messaging

We're so excited to announce the launch of enhanced text messaging for all of our longcode customers. Shortcode, keyword, and inbox support will be coming soon.

What is enhanced messaging?
Enhanced messaging is our next generation text messaging service. Today you can send inline photos, emoji, and longer messages. Plus, in the future we'll be releasing a bunch of significant enhancements - so stay tuned.

Does it cost extra?
Enhanced messages cost two (2) message credits but come loaded with the ability to send an actual image and a message up to 300 characters. So, if you send to a list of 10 people, an enhanced message would be 20 credits, where a regular text message would be 10 credits.

What's different?
Not only did we add enhanced messaging, but we also cleaned up the whole messaging experience.

Below is a list of all of the changes:

1. Cleaner Layout - You'll notice the layout of the page is much cleaner and easier to use. Also, it's no longer a two-step process to create a message.

2. Auto-Save - Your message will now auto-save, so you don't have to remember to hit a save button.

3. Emoji & More - The text entry area has a cleaner, more prominent font. Plus, you can add emoji to your messages, enter up to 300 characters, and use special French or Spanish characters.

4. Picture Messaging (MMS) - One of the most significant improvements is you can now add an actual image that shows up right with your message - it's no longer a link.

5. Better Scheduling - It's now much more streamlined when scheduling a message. We also made it much easier to cancel or edit the schedule.

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