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Charlee's Ice Cream

Growing a texting program was new to Charlee's. Working with Mozeo, they went from launch to revenue in 1 month.


Charlee's Ice Cream is a family-owned ice cream shop located in Camillus, NY. Their unwavering attention to detail and customer satisfaction make them a standout in the world of ice cream. Every treat is made to perfection with top ingredients, and their customer loyalty runs deep. Beyond ice cream, they've also found success in hosting spectacular events right inside their location—everything from ice cream cake design to fun activities for kids on vacation from school.


The Challenge

Charlee's does it all. Email, social media, and local advertising. But they wanted a channel that would cut through to the consumer more than anything else. That channel was text messaging.

The Solution

Working with the team at Mozeo, Charlee's was up and running in just a few short hours. They set up posters for people to text in throughout their shop - both on the tables and at the POS. They also trained staff to tell customers about the program. They even ran a contest with employees to see who could get the most people to text in and join. 

They use the following Mozeo products:

  • Autoresponders

  • Bulk Text Messaging

  • Mozeo Inbox

The Results

When we reached out to the team at Charlee's, here's what they had to say about the results of working with Mozeo.

What was your greatest success using Mozeo and text messaging?
We saw a big increase in our membership after we had an employee contest to get more members. We also use the text to send offers and deals on slower days/times.

Did you grow your list of contacts?
We did see a large increase in list growth, and we continue to encourage others to join!

Are you willing to share a quote about Mozeo, our service, support, or team?
Mozeo has been so supportive of our small business. They take the time to walk you through the process and educate you on the full functionality of text marketing.


It's fun to read case studies about Fortune 500 groups, but we wanted to share this case study to prove that you can be any size business, and texting can help you grow and show a positive return on investment.

Quick Stats

Contacts Growth 145%
Redemption Rate 4.8%
Return on Investment 280%