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Business Texting Changes

Get caught up on all of the new changes coming.

Posted 03/02/2021

The U.S. SMS landscape is going through a once-in-a-decade transition. More than ever, consumer protection is at the forefront of this transition, and mobile carriers are doing everything they can to curve abuse and spam, and we couldn’t agree more with them. Spam is not only annoying and intrusive, but it also hinders progress for everyone else trying to send real, pertinent messaging.

Why The Changes?

When you compare the read rates of texting to channels like email or social media, you’ll see that texting outpaces by leaps and bounds. Texting has a staggering 98% read rate, with 90% of those messages being opened within the first few minutes. While we believe you should be on every channel, it is often best communicated with a text.

Fighting spam

With texting being such a high-performing channel, the bad actors and negative behaviors are plenty. From buying numbers on the fly to using multiple numbers to avoid filtering, these senders will do everything they can to send text messages without repercussions.

This same behavior is happening on shared shortcodes (when more than one business sends traffic over a single five- or six-digit shortcode), making it difficult to monitor which entity is the bad actor. If 9 out of 10 businesses using a shared shortcode are great senders, and one is a bad actor, carriers can’t determine who it is, and the shortcode gets shut down for everyone.

A more regulated ecosystem

Over the past few years, carriers have worked towards a more regulated ecosystem to keep text messaging a viable channel and maintain a transparent ecosystem across the different number types.

Increasing the effectiveness of text messaging

By curbing spam and regulating the ecosystem, we have a unique opportunity to make text messaging even more trusting and viable as a communications channel.

Mozeo Account Changes

There will be three significant changes, the ending of shared shortcodes, a number registration process, and account payments switching to a monthly subscription model.

1 - Shared shortcode sunset

Only the accounts still using a shared shortcode sending phone number (24587 or 31279) will be affected by this change.

During this transition, the most significant change will be ending the support of shared shortcodes. This decision will impact not only Mozeo but all providers in this space.

Moving forward, there will be three number options available:

  • Dedicated shortcode: Shortcodes require an application and vetting process that takes 8–12 weeks before getting access to a dedicated number. In exchange for this transparency, shortcodes provide the highest levels of deliverability and throughput.

  • Toll-free number: This would be your own dedicated number starting with 833, 844, or 855 and comes with voice capabilities like call forwarding or voicemail. There is a 2–4 business day setup time with mobile carrier registration resulting in higher deliverability and throughput.

  • Dedicated Longcode (10DLC): These numbers start with a local area code and are great for doing hyper-local messaging and two-way communications. There is a 1–2 business day setup time, and the new regulations add a registration process for longcodes. What about keywords still using a shared shortcode (24587 or 31279)? We know and acknowledge this will be one of the most challenging parts when shared shortcodes end, especially if you’re using a keyword in print. We are very sorry, but there is nothing we can do. This transition will move forward. But please understand, any keywords you do own will be carried over to your new number.

2 - Business and Campaign Registration

The mobile carriers have decided to institute new regulations that require all senders to be registered and have their campaigns submitted. Although this may sound cumbersome, this is a great way to ensure quality, trusted senders.

Your Mozeo account phone number will NOT change, but you’ll be required to provide your business information, set an authorized representative, and submit a messaging brief on how you’re using texting. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

The new Mozeo Trust Hub will provide a simple way to register your business and campaigns directly in your Mozeo account in the coming weeks.

3 - Switching to Monthly Plans

With the new changes going into effect, the mobile carriers will be changing their fee structure and pricing. Because of this, we will be adapting to a monthly subscription pricing model providing simple, all-in pricing levels with an opportunity to buy additional credits.

From our initial feedback, customers have been pleased to switch for a more stable and predictable price every month, and we hope you agree. As a bonus, we’re:

  • making all incoming messages FREE

  • any existing credits you have will be switched over to additional credits that don’t expire.

We realize and acknowledge committing to a monthly fee is different from the pay-as-you-go model you’re accustomed to using. However, to remain a viable company, we have to take the necessary action of getting all accounts switched over.

We’ll provide a simple click-and-pick option to get your account transitioned over. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

Download New Pricing: Monthly | Yearly

Final Thoughts

We know change can be difficult, but we ask for your continued loyalty through this transition — we’ll make it through this thing together. We’re dedicated to your ongoing success, and we look forward to serving you well into the future.