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Send essential alerts and reminders through text messaging making sure they'll get read.

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Unlike email, text messages are read in a staggering 90 seconds. Using our always-on platform, you'll be able to send text messages to your audience alerting them about appointments, weather, closings, and more.

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Mozeo Dashboard

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Manage your contacts and create separate groups.

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Have full two-way conversations all through text.

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Even more features

Enhanced Messaging
Take your text messages to a new level with enhanced messaging. You can add images and emojis, and send longer text messages up to 300 characters in length.
Mobile Keywords
When someone texts one of your keywords, their number is automatically added to your contacts list. Then, they get an auto-response back on their phone that you can edit.
Group Text Messaging
Easily reach all of your contacts or a specific group at once. Create and edit your message, include images, emojis and more and click to send to everyone at once.
Text Messaging API
With Mozeo’s SMS API, you can easily plug Mozeo into your existing application and start sending text messages right away. Unique solutions are available upon request.
Great Support
You'll have full access to reach our support team with questions you might have. They can even guide you in the right direction for your texting needs.
Always-on Access
You'll have constant access to your Mozeo account so you can sign in anytime day or night. Plus, we don't share or sell your data in any way. We keep it safe and secure at all times.

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