Text Messaging

Communicate through Text Messaging. Get started in less than thirty seconds.

Text Message Blasting

Contacts Management



Add Your Contacts

You'll have the ability to upload a list of contacts or simply add a new contact when you need to. Once added, you can search, manage, and delete contacts in a snap.




Mobile Keywords



Mobile Keywords

Mobile keywords allow your audience to opt-in to receive your future text messages. When they text-in, their number will be added to your contact list and they'll get your auto-rep on se. Learn More




Website Plugin



Website Plug in

Using our website plug in, your audience can sign up to receive your text messages right from your website or social media page.




Send Single Text Messages



Send Single Text Messages

Need to send one-off messages? It's easy. Pick the contact and send appointment reminders, table is ready reminders, whatever you'd like.




Text Message Blasting



One-Click Text Blasting

With the click of a button, you can send text messages to your entire list of contacts or to a specific group. You'll also be able to schedule it to send later and even preview the message to your own phone before it sends. Learn More




Text Messaging Reports



Amazing Reports

We won't leave you in the dark. Stay up-to-date on what is happening in your account at all times. You'll get information in real-time so you can gauge how well things are going.




Entire Included Feature List

Mobile Keywords Mobile Keywords

Keywords are unique words that let you interact with your customers. When someone texts in a keyword to 24587, their mobile phone number is automatically added to your database of opt-in contact. Learn More
Text Blasting Text Blasting

With bulk sms text blasting, you can easily reach all of your mobile contacts. By sending information that is of value to your audience, you can easily and effectively reach them at a low cost. Learn More
Text-To-Win Text-To-Win

Mobile contests allow you to create easy-to-manage promotions, all through the mobile phone. With Mozeo, we give you a random winner picker feature built right in so you can pick winner at any time.

Mobile Voting Mobile Voting

Mobile voting is an interactive way to involve your audience. Pose your question at your events and have your audience submit their responses.
Mobile Inbox Message Inbox

Our message inbox collects your audience responses. You can directly respond to customer questions and concerns through text messaging.

With Mozeo’s SMS API, you can easily plug Mozeo into your existing application. Unique solutions are available upon request.

Mobile Coupons Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons can be used with a mobile keyword or sent in text message blast. Send great coupon messages to your audience whenever you want.
Mobile Rewards Mobile Rewards

Mozeo Mobile Rewards is the easiest and most cost-effective way to build customer loyalty and reward them for their continued business.
Mobile Surveys Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys allow you to harness the power of text messaging for your market research. Pose a question and track real time results.

Mobile-To-Screen Mobile-To-Screen

Perfect for events of all sizes, mobile-to-screen allows users to submit text messages, which are then broadcast on a screen, monitor, or website.
Website Plugin Website Plug in

Collect contacts from a website, facebook, or any other web page or site. Create your Widget and your sign ups will automatically be added to your contacts.
International International

We can get you covered just about anywhere. Our basic service covers the US and Canada, but we expand globally.

Visit our examples section to check out some great text messaging campaigns.

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